Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has submitted a bailout proposal for parliament vote which includes harsh austerity measures days after the Greek people overwhelmingly voted ‘OXI/NO’ to austerity.

As parliament debates the new proposal with its creditors, hundreds of people have again taken to the streets of Athens. “They took the no and made it a yes” said protestor Giorgos Tsolakas, 34.

Art based on photo by Andres Kudacki/AP in Madrid, Spain at mass protests against the ‘gag’ law. Some details of the Spanish gag law:

— Any “serious disturbance of citizen security” in front of Congress, the Senate or regional assemblies will be considered an offence with the fine of up to $33,000.

— The legislation allows fines for “unauthorized use of images” of police.

— The police will also be able to sanction individuals who “obstruct any authority, public employee or official corporation in the exercise of administrative or judicial agreements or resolutions.”

Text about Greece edited from The Guardian. Text about the gag law edited from RT.

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