Thank you all persons involved with The Unfortunates for the palpable reminder of our oneness as human beings and arts’ essential role in that understanding. Long live humanity. One collective giant Joe hand reaching open and out, the other a fist in the air.

I had the great pleasure of seeing what I later found out was the last performance in San Francisco on Sunday evening. What is The Unfortunates? Well, I had no idea.

It is, friends, a breakneck 90 minute no intermission musical dealing with themes of militarism, health care, fear, fate, death, love … Disturbing? Yes. Uplifting? Yes. Graphic set and props, evocative (yet simple) costumes, wildly talented cast, and a live band on stage with horns. Horns!

The musical ends with ‘Old Time Glory Reprise’ and that tune is a bluesy gospel revival stomp. The repeated chant is “tired of waiting on that old time glory.” At the conclusion of ‘Reprise’, patrons were instantly on their feet hooting and hollering — claps, cheers, voices, with and for the artists who remained on stage.

I felt largely unable to move or speak articulately but managed “I am not alone” and “we are tired of waiting on the old time glory.” It helps to state the obvious.

Art based on The Unfortunates performance photos by Jenny Graham and Kevin Berne.

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