Any time you look the terror in the face and you deal with the trauma, even if maybe all you could do is sing a song—and let us never forget, the summer of 1971, the number one album in America was “What’s Going On” by a genius named Marvin Gaye. What’s going on? Who really cares? Save the babies. What’s happening, brother? And Donny Hathaway was on the sideline, and so was Nina Simone, and so was Gil Scott-Heron, and so was Pharoah Sanders and Miles Davis and others. You had a whole context in which you could look the terror and trauma and stigma in the face and say, “We gonna stand,” the way Sly Stone said “Stand” that same year, in his album. That’s what we’re talking about.
― Cornel West

Art based on photo by Getty/Larry Busacca/MTV1617

Cornel West text from Democracy Now! September 12, 2011 show: an excerpt from a September 9, 2011 commemoration at Riverside Church in New York City titled “Attica Is All of Us.” democracynow.org/2011/9/12/attica_is_all_of_us_cornel

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