“But this is really their fear. I want the listeners to hear this, Amy. They are afraid. They are fearful. They know, for instance, that 58 percent of North Carolinians want Medicaid expansion. Almost 80 percent of North Carolinians want a living wage. And this Legislature would not even put it on the ballot so that North Carolinians could vote on that. They know that we have beat them in voter suppression. We beat them over redistricting. And they see this tide rising. They see, if you look at the pictures yesterday, black and white and Latino people standing together in the Deep South. And they know that if we have policy movement along with this kind of moral movement, it will not only energize North Carolina, but it could energize the rest of the South and cause people to stand up and see that we are no longer in the minority, if we engage in real fusion politics.”
― Rev. Dr. William Barber, from ‘A Legislative Coup in NC? Rev. William Barber on GOP Stripping Power from New Democratic Governor’

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