Well, I was about to go through my annual verbal drill to my sisters and brothers of reasons why I could not possibly do a piece of art for 99 days in a row this year. Can’t be done! Too much going on! Not in the right head space!

As seeking the people in my life’s permission not to do the project has been unsuccessful (last year’s “that doesn’t feel like an option” was memorable) … Welcome to 99 Days of Courage 2017.

What is it? 99 Days of Courage
How? Create daily art for 99 days (est. 2012)
Why? The data is in (thousands of years’ worth) on the vital importance for human beings to create and experience visual art, writing, music, dance, and performance.
What else does it do? Guarantees my sanity.

You bet this art was based on a found object. I was having a conversation with a colleague in a teeny tiny communal office. A written list of questions on a folded piece of white paper was adrift in a sea of forms, folders, stray office supplies, sweating beverages, old school keyboard, and a monitor that sits atop two phonebooks.

I kept getting distracted by the list as the questions seemed applicable to any topic one might put into question. “Can I take this?” Yep. I put the paper in my bag and continued the conversation.

Post work investigation revealed the list to be written on the back of a folded, pre-printed ‘STUFF TO DO’ sheet. The sheet had 4 equally divided categories (Tasks, Errands, Correspondence, Notes). At the bottom, “MAKE A LIST – YOU’LL FEEL BETTER.”

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